GWAB is now full for Suisse Romande!

Dear all, Thanks for your motivation and energy, I am happy to meet you all by this day, see you i a few weeks! Benjamin

Next GWAB announced!

Dear friends, The new Global Windows Azure Bootcamp will be taking place next year on Saturday March 29th! More details on the event here. Of course we will be part of this great event, still to determine if this will …Continue reading →

[GWAB] Thanks all for your participation!

Thanks to all participants in Nyon, this first GWAB event was a real success, both in discovery and fun! Loads of pictures of events all around the globe can be found here, thanks again to all and let’s meet for …Continue reading →

[GWAB] Global Windows Azure Bootcamp is happening

I am pleased to host with the support of my company the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp event happeing on April 27th! There are more than 60 locations around the world where this event will happen on the same day!! Please …Continue reading →

Benjamin Soulier Logs into a Web Site Using a Bar Code and Windows Phone

Hello everyone, My video demonstrating how to log onto a Windows Azure Website using a QR Code is now online on Channel9, in the Web Camps Show. Happy viewing

New February event!

Dear friends, We are happy to let you know about our new event for the Windows Azure Group; we have the chance to have 2 experienced cloud experts for this event, Benjamin Soulier and Corrado Iorizzo. The event will be …Continue reading →

New Windows Azure portal Improvements

Since the new Windows Azure portal, the Windows Azure team is putting new features to manage your cloud content and services. This new portal improvements com with very interesting features: Service Bus management is now accessible from the portal (Create …Continue reading →

Windows Media Service announced

As some of you might know, Windows Azure Media Services just been announced, as found on Scott Guthrie’s blog. This service is here to simplify your video management and consumption by many devices (video conversion, on-demand streaming…) You can alos …Continue reading →

Event done, thank you all!

This September event was a great success, thanks again to all of you for your participation! We did have a really great session from Adam Jones about moving to cloud your service pieces one by one, with really good interaction …Continue reading →

Next WAZ event scheduled for September the 23rd

The next WAZ user group event date has been found: This will be setting up on the 23rd of September on the morning (9 to 12). Registrations are opened, so please go and visit the Events page to register and …Continue reading →

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